Steven Rand   
resume and reviews 

ARTCOM-The Final Frontier ©2005

In January 2005, I hired six professional TV ad directors and assigned them each an artist (who agreed to participate) and asked that they produce a 30 or 60 second "commercial spot" becoming my first experience as a "Producer"

The point of this piece was to bring into discussion the way artists promote while we deny doing so. The TV commercial is the next obvious move.Watch and enjoy here.


Director / Artist
Howard Silver / David Diao
Mikal Din / Ward Shelley
Kirsten Larson / Satch Hoyt
Frank Macias / Alyson Shotz
Ron Angarola / Richmond Burton
Matt Pellowski / Nate Lowman

BREAD- The Movie ©2005

How to make bread in 2.5 minutes.
One of a series of "How To" instructional and educational videos

PLUG- The Movie @2005

How to fix a plug.
Another in the series.